Workplace Solutions via Claris FileMaker

A Leader in Low Code Application Development

Let’s talk a little about Claris FileMaker. The following information is solely based on our opinion about this development platform – from our almost decade long experience with it.

FileMaker falls into the low-code development platform category. Low-Code has become a popular term in recent years and FileMaker has been doing Low-Code developments since the 80’s. That’s right, its not a typo. FileMaker has been around since 1985. That’s over three decades of progressive improvement.

The platform is stable, versatile and always evolving with the times.

FileMaker is a database design application that allows you to create a database to handle a large variety of workflow requirements. It has a lot of native tools to help you set up the database, create relationships between tables, create layouts, and create scripts. Also, it has a plugin architecture that allows you to use third-party plugins to help add functionality to your database solution.

Is FileMaker A Good Fit For You?

If you can say “yes” to any of the listed scenarios below, then FileMaker is probably a good fit for you.

  • Your current solution is based on excel spreadsheets.

  • You do not have any type of data entry solution worth bragging about

  • You need to retrieve and write data from multiple data sources.

  • You need to create various reports and/or invoice scenarios.

  • You need a solution for a specific workflow or business unit

  • You have tried other solution systems, but they did not meet all of your business needs.

FileMaker Quick Facts

Easy of Use – Yes and No

Now that we have briefly summarized FileMaker. Let’s move the focus on FileMaker’s ease of use. Claris International Inc. –  promotes the application as a very easy to use application that anyone can use right out of the box. This is true in some aspects and completely misleading in other aspects.

The easy to use aspect of FileMaker comes into play early in the database creation process when you are creating tables and fields. Making relationships between tables is really easy through the backend graphic user interface. The front end user interface makes creating layouts very easy through FileMaker’s Inspector tool. The inspector comes with a variety of formatting options similar to what MS Word and Adobe CS offer for document creation.

The misleading part comes into play when you need to create a database solution that is logically structured. All the amazing tools are great and they become easy to use after some painstaking trial and error attempts. To really become a decent FileMaker developer you need to understand how database relationships work. FileMaker will not tell you what to do or how to do it. Just like any development application, it provides you with the tools you need, the knowledge needed to use these tools effectively hinges on your desire to learn.

For More Information

We can talk for days about this platform, but that will bore you to sleep. For more information about how other companies are using the platform to help then solve some workplace challenges – take a minute to review their Customer Success Stories or simply go to their home page –