The ABCD of Project Management.

This is a story about our longest client and the various projects (or products) we help manage with them. The key to our project management success with this particular client revolves around a set of words we aim to live by –

“Always Be Consistently Delivering”

We treat project management like a sport. And in sports, the goal is to win games, and ultimately championships. To us each project is a championship and each task is a game.

Our Championship Banners with Customer X look like this:

  • Central Management Information System

  • Design and Print Order Management

  • Asset Management

  • Quotations Module

  • Document Archiving

  • Employee Timesheets

  • Project *Classified*

What do all of these projects have in common? They were all for a single company and the tenure has spanned almost a decade. The point is that it takes time to learn how a company works and what their goals are. It is only after some time together, that we learn how to go about implementing effective changes. It took a while to rack up an impressive set of efficiency improving workflow applications.

In the case of Customer X, different revenue streams required  different approaches to information processing. So do we make 10 workflow applications or update and add the central workflow application. The answer was both. Make various applications that were department specific and find ways to hook in certain pieces of information into the mothership application.

In closing – It has been our approach of “Always be Delivering” that we have been able to achieve small wins (aka Games), that have helped us launch a variety of Workflow Applications (aka Championships).

Always Be Delivering


Keep things moving, show progress


Make sure they’re getting their money’s worth


Don’t shy away from presenting suggestions