A Simple Prospecting Database.

In its essence this is a simple contact management CRM built using Claris FileMaker. So, yes, you would need the FileMaker application to be able to use this solution.

Now, let’s talk about a very cool feature FileMaker has within its functions. FileMaker has a widget called a Web Viewer. This widget lets you add a web browser into the application, kind of like an embedded IFrame on a website. The Web Viewer widget allows you to dynamically set pages based on data in your database.

So now imagine you have 100+ prospects in your pipeline and being about to scroll through these records (left to right). Each prospect that you land on, you can quickly reference a series of web pages about them. To us, this is what makes this solution very useful.

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Core Feature – A Twist to Web Page Bookmarking

Inside our application we have the following segmented web viewer widgets.

  • Google Web Search

  • Google Maps Search

  • LinkedIn Search

  • Indeed Search

  • Company Website Link

Key Value

The ability to scroll through records in your database and instant access to your prospects website, their LinkedIn page, and other instant search results has helped us organize our prospecting efforts.

Other Features

  • Email Templates

  • Communication Activity / Notes

  • Profiling tags

Small Scope – Leaving Room for Changes

We have kept this solution focused on a very small scope.

Find Companies

Add Company Contacts

Add Web Links

Add Profile Data

Try to connect to someone at the company via LinkedIn with an introduction note.

That is our workflow. Yours might be different. We can make changes to your copy of the solution and it would always only be your data.

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