Our Trust in the Claris FileMaker Platform

In the digital age, finding ways to streamline our business operations in order to become more efficient is one of our top goals.

Specializing in software project management has provided us with extensive experience, especially when it comes to workflow integration. Our choice is the Claris FileMaker platform.

The platform is stable, versatile and always evolving with the times.

How We Use FileMaker

FileMaker is a powerful database creation platform for building custom applications and simplifying workflow processes that are fully tailored to your company. We have used it to help our clients build databases, CRMs, improved ERP systems, and much more. The software is also very flexible, allowing the custom solutions to function on both desktops and mobile platforms.

Great design and scripting features.

FileMaker has a great design and scripting features, along with many standard need-to-have functions. Plus it has the ability to  integrate with other platforms so that your database management system looks and works exactly how you want it to.

Another reason we love the software is its community of learning resources, and professional partners.

FileMaker solutions can range from ultra-simple to full-scale company-wide management systems

While it falls in the Low Code category of software platforms, FileMaker solutions can range from ultra-simple to full-scale company-wide management systems. Its versatility lies in that – businesses of all types can use the platform to facilitate individual industry processes.

Building to Improve Efficiencies

For growing companies with large amounts of information, FileMaker is a great tool to securely store and sort through vast amounts of data. Clients have found our custom FileMaker solutions much more efficient to manage contacts, track inventory, organize simple projects, and improve team collaboration.

We have also found that FileMaker is an excellent starting point for most budgets and provides great value. Its adaptability means it can be used by independent professionals, small businesses, all the way to large enterprises. The platform enables your business departments to grow in complexity without having to changing software platforms.

FileMaker is an excellent starting point for most budgets.

We have extensive experience in customizing Claris FileMaker apps for a wide range of industries. Your custom solution will help to oversee projects and allow your organization to deliver more predictable timelines. You’ll also minimize project overhead by efficiently utilizing project management resources, allowing your team to manage more projects in less time.

For more information about the Claris FileMaker Platform check out our web page – FileMaker Development

Workplace Business Solutions Built with the Claris FileMaker Platform

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