303, 2024

Amplify Your Voice With AI

Using AI Tools to Amplify Your Voice In this AI chat game, keeping it real is everything. It ain't just about getting answers; it's about making your voice heard loud and clear. Stick to what you know is true, and speak your mind with no fear. It's like having your own digital studio where you're the star, showing the world who you really are. If you're not shaping AI with your own truth, you'll drown in a [...]

2102, 2024

Mastering Data Analysis and Reporting with Google Sheets

Mastering Data Analysis and Reporting with Google Sheets In today's data-driven world, the ability to analyze and report data is a valuable skill. I would like to make a case that Google Sheets offers a powerful alternative to Excel and possibly other reporting platforms, especially for those looking for a more user-friendly and collaborative platform. Why Google Sheets? One of the key reasons for Google Sheets' popularity is its ease of use, particularly in creating pivot reports [...]

304, 2023

One Way To Use The Claris FileMaker “Let” Function

A particular approach to using FileMaker’s “LET” Statement As FileMaker makes great steps to help us type our scripts faster inside the script space editor, the “LET” function still presents itself as one of my favourite functions to use. Why? Because it allows you to write a lot of logical evaluations in one easy-to-update section. Yes, it can be argued that this approach is dangerous because it places a lot of logic into a single FileMaker script [...]

1101, 2023

Mockups – A Two App Approach

Mockups - A Two-App Approach Over the past four years, I have increased my reliance on and desire to create digital mock-ups for solution development. Here is what I have learned. Start with a program called Balsamiq Wireframes Move to Adobe XD or Figma Mockups are the key to saving time and money. They simulate the user interface of your digital solution and give the idea a visual shape. For us and the various teams we work [...]

308, 2022

Our Trust in the Claris FileMaker Platform for Building Business Process Applications

Our Trust in the Claris FileMaker Platform In the digital age, finding ways to streamline our business operations in order to become more efficient is one of our top goals. Specializing in software project management has provided us with extensive experience, especially when it comes to workflow integration. Our choice is the Claris FileMaker platform. The platform is stable, versatile and always evolving with the times. How We Use FileMaker FileMaker is a powerful database creation platform for building custom [...]

306, 2022

A Framework Product – fmDynamic Records

A Framework Product – fmDynamic Records A mini framework or a coding technique, I’m still not sure what to call this. What I can say, it is very easy to implement once you wrap your head around the syntax. fmDynamic Records is a set of 100% modular scripts, that can be flawlessly imported into any new and existing project. These scripts are very helpful when you need or want to use script triggers. The core scripts are [...]

705, 2022


Three Must-Have Reporting Tools This is a story about Google Sheets, Google Data Studio and a Google Sheets add on called SuperMetrics. With these 3 tools we have created a workflow that has allowed us to create a series of reports to help aid our customer in their decision making. For an in-depth reviews of each tool, please go to the end of this post for a few relevant links. Quick [...]

601, 2022

Project Management

The ABCD of Project Management. This is a story about our longest client and the various projects (or products) we help manage with them. The key to our project management success with this particular client revolves around a set of words we aim to live by - “Always Be Consistently Delivering” We treat project management like a sport. And in sports, the goal is to win games, and ultimately championships. To [...]

1706, 2021

Balsamiq Wireframes

Introduction to Balsamiq Wireframes If you have to make presentations to help get your vision across to a particular audience, then Balsamiq Wireframes is a tool that might be worth testing out. From my experience, here is a quick summary of why I highly recommend Balsamiq to any Project Manager, Graphic Designer or Software Developer. Top 3 Features Drag and Drop Elements Markup Notes Multiple Export Options #1 Drag and Drop Elements Comes with a [...]

604, 2021

Prebuilt Solutions

A Simple Prospecting Database. In its essence this is a simple contact management CRM built using Claris FileMaker. So, yes, you would need the FileMaker application to be able to use this solution. Now, let’s talk about a very cool feature FileMaker has within its functions. FileMaker has a widget called a Web Viewer. This widget lets you add a web browser into the application, kind of like an embedded IFrame on a website. The Web [...]

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