Software Development and Project Management

Why Call Us For Your Next Workflow Challenge?

Success is our motivator. The definition of success is up to us to collectively define. Our goal is to make tasks easier to process by systemizing the way work activities are processed.

What Are We Good At?

  • Solving data management problems through data entry system solutions

  • Research and Analysis

  • Pitch Deck Presentations
  • Mockup Development
  • Building solutions from the ground up

  • Developing the Data Model for a Solution

  • Explaining Programming Logic

  • Statistics and Reporting

Why Choose Us for Software Project Managment?

Why hire us to help manage the development of a software project? Because we like the work. Why do we like the work? Because we have experienced good success in the past 10 years and it helps us pay our bills.

In all honesty, Yes, we get excited about creating a software product within a specified timeframe and budget. Year over year, we have seen software development projects roll over past budget, stagnate in progress and eventually get forgotten.

We have a particular approach that has been working for us. Feel free to reach out to us via email – with any questions you may have about project management relating to software development. We love what we do and always enjoy talking about this topic.



Keeping things moving through our motto of “Always Be Delivering”


Solving data management problems through data entry systems.

Software Development

Clean Code and an Organized Infrastructure is our promise to you.

Our speciality is in software development + software project management

We will figure out how your company works & we’ll work with you to develop new ways to get things done in a process that works efficiently for your company

Using Excel Spreadsheets?

Is your current solution based on using Excel Spreadsheets 24/7? This can be challenging.

Do You Have Multiple Data Sources?

Is there multiple data coming your way and you need to retrieve and write it out like crazy?

In Need Of A Specific Workflow?

You might have tried several solution systems. Did they meet your needs?  Need a successful workflow?

You might be asking yourself what’s with the name?

The Origin Story

In a long distant planet, there is a world where the inhabitants of this magic world spend all their days figuring how to make all sort of things. They are known across the galaxy as being as being true to their craft. Relentless in their effort to achieve success. They have built some of the wildest contraptions to have ever existed. It is rumoured that a few of their inhabitants developed a portal that opened a gateway to a small blue planet.

The Real Story

A 4 year old kid came up with it during one of their Lego play sessions. At the time – to them it was a planet where the people of the planet figure things out. The make stuff. That’s about as much of an explanation as we got. Gotta love the simplicity that comes from kids. Being involved in creating workflows for various businesses – be it with the existing apps they have or building new data entry systems – this simple concept of “Figuring things out” – really hit home. So, we just ran with it
So, there it is, a company that figures things out. That’s our goal – figure out how your company works and then work with you to develop new ways to get things done.