A Framework Product – fmDynamic Records

A mini framework or a coding technique, I’m still not sure what to call this. What I can say, it is very easy to implement once you wrap your head around the syntax.

fmDynamic Records is a set of 100% modular scripts, that can be flawlessly imported into any new and existing project. These scripts are very helpful when you need or want to use script triggers. The core scripts are designed to go to layouts and set data to single or multiple fields and/or records in find or browse mode.



fmDynamic Records

● Go somewhere, do something
● A compilation of modular, parameter heavy scripts
Main Scripts:
● Create one or multiple records or requests and set the field values with solution.record [master]
● Go to a layout ( using various window controls ) with core.control [go to layout]
● Set field values to multiple fields through script parameter with core.record [set fieldvalue]

+ A bunch of other modular scripts ( core.utility [dialog] , core.window [name] , core.window [mode] , and more )


Special Thanks to:

Modular FileMaker ( modularfilemaker.com ) for promoting modular coding practice, and to Propagator (from Modular FileMaker) for giving me the idea to create my version of Propagator.